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Corner cabinets solutions

Corner cabinets now firmly established as classic storage areas in a kitchen layout. A corner unit is the ideal place to store pots and pans, mixers and other kitchen equipment. And development engineers have come up with a lot of solutions.




LeMans is the only corner unit solution that combines very high space utilization with outstanding access, because this design swings right out in front of the cabinet. You can store all sorts of pots and pans, and easily reach every item stored.







Magic Corner


Magic Corner by Kesseböhmer

With one movement, the intelligent sliding technology of the magic design simultaneously draws the front and roll-out rack into the user's view and access area. This motion is smooth, silent, and as natural as can be.


Carousel Revo 270


This is the tried-and-true revolving cabinet principle in a royal look. This combination of decorative wooden base and elegant railing are visually noble and transparent, lending a new accent to the classic corner cabinet solution.




Corner cabinet images: