Waste systems for your kitchen

Empty cans, glass containers or even food waste can be cleared away in the twinkling of an eye. Thanks to its design and flexibility, waste separation can also easily be done according to the local municipality standards. 

In combination with a practical organisation system for the base cabinet, high-end waste systems are integrated between the sink, mixer tap, and accessories, they serve to optimise daily recurrent tasks and to clear the kitchen worktop within seconds.



Bins and sorters by Blanco and Franke

Whether with hinged doors or pull-out front , manual or automatic operations, or one or more bins, BLANCO waste and organisation systems for the base cabinet are simply well thought out and are perfectly suitable for a wide range of cabinet configurations.

FRANKE has developed a series of clever waste separation products which help you to take care of our environment. Separation of the different sorts of wastes has been thought out in detail. The sorter systems glide back into the kitchen cabinet, keeping your kitchen environment clean & fresh.