It is ourselves who create our own image. The clear surfaces of the Pure assembly are intertwined with elegance and charisma. They mirror the desire for clear and undeniable perfection. The glass used elevates the entire space, standing out with its simplicity, and is undemanding to maintain. It does not lose its unique properties over time. The solid bar is veneered at the sight level with a view to render the wood texture consistent. The cooking centre is complemented with a herb garden. The smooth and shiny varnished doors have either stainless brackets milled in themselves or are equipped with a Tip On system - Open on Touch, with no need for brackets. Control the tomorrow with the tips of your fingers


The silver ceramic work top used, with a thickness of 25 mm, constitutes the apex in technology and a true material revolution. It withstands even the most severe pressures, temperatures or weights. Always ready to create generous conditions for your culinary endeavours. You may choose out of various surfaces and colour scales, unrestricted in any way. The future is a matter of your choice.