Evermatt is a transparent two-component polyurethane finish with a very high opacity level (5 gloss), that can be used in transparent and pigmented coating cycles. It was developed after a very attentive analysis of multiple combinations of resins and matting agents in order to find the best aesthetic performance of opacity and resistance. Furthermore nanotechnologies have made possible the formation of special hybrid polymer-matting meshed network, specifically formulated to stabilise the final opacity even in the case of high pressures on the surface.

  • nano technology
  • nano technology

    The tests performed on surfaces coated with Evermatt product showed excellent chemical and mechanical resistance to a much higher stress than those that would mark a surface treated with traditional polyurethane matt paints. In particular, the results of Erichsen test indicate up to 4/5 times greater resistance performance. The final aesthetic effect, in line with the high quality standard level of IVM Chemicals paints, is characterised by high uniformity and stability of the matt effect, which perfectly resists polishing. Evermatt Ilva can be used for all flat surfaces subjected to higher stresses for closed pore cycles.


    • High mechanical and chemical resistance
    • Colour stability
    • Resistance against fingerprints
    • Soft touch finish
    • High matt level (5 gloss units)
    • Resistant to polishing
    • Tested by German company Erichsen

  • pure cabinets
  • pure cabinets

    Even after years of practical use kitchens with Evermatt coatings still look brand new. In the pictures we want to introduce implementation of specific kitchen with doors “Pure” and application of Evermatt on upper and lower cabinets. The customer has chosen colors in shades from light grey to imitation of concrete, which we have custom made.